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Your source for naturally grown Vegetables, Herbs and fruits. We do not use synthetic pesticides on our plants. We use only organic or natural methods to produce our food and control pests.

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During our open season we will have fresh grown produce and herbs for sale. We will be opening mid June so please check back around the end of May for the availability dates and location.

We hope some of the information on this website will help you with your gardening, planting and harvesting. Since we are located in Ontario, Canada, we have tried to give information that will help Canadian gardeners.
In any case, after the last frost date is a safe bet for most planting. In Ontario the last frost date is May 24. By May 1 you could plant your seeds for leaf lettuces, arugula, spinach, chard and cool weather plants. On May 15 you could plant out your tomato and pepper seeds in a sunny location. It is always wise to check the soil temperature.
If there is a chance of frost, cover your seedlings with cloches, blankets, pots or plastic bottles, to make sure they are protected. I bring my tomato and pepper plants in at night until they are planted. I tested the white frost cloth in the greenhouse last few nights and it protected my seedlings from the frost. I draped it over using loose bricks but am going to set up a more permanent solution to make it easier.

Plant a Perennial Food Garden

Grow these perennial food plants, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labors for many seasons to come.

If you use organic or natural seeds and plants free of GMOs and pesticides you will have a healthy food supply in your own back yard. more...

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Shop locally grown, fresh HERBS, VEGETABLES AND FRUITS... We use seeds that are organic or naturally sown and without GMO's.

We have homemade worm castings and compost, and some homemade fertilizers. Watch this site for our season opening.

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Allium sativum is a perennial crop and is grown by methods similar to those used in growing onions. Fully-grown plant reaches about 50 to 60 cm in height and bears underground bulbous root containing about 8-20 bulblets known as cloves. The whole bulb is encased by several layers of white or mauve-tinged thin papery coverings.Several cultivar varieties exist from extra-large elephant garlic to small sized solo garlic. Allium oleraceum or field garlic is a wild, tall variety commonly grown in the United Kingdom. Unlike in onion, garlic flowers are sterile and therefore do not produce seeds. New plants generally are grown from implanting the individual sections of the bulb. ...more