Start parsley from seed inside for an early harvest. You can plant the seed inside anytime after March 1.

Plant it in a natural soil-less medium such as a starter mix and water every day. Once the first 2 leaves show you can cut down on the watering and you may have to plant up to a larger pot.

The parsley can be planted outside 2 - 3 weeks before the last frost, but I always warm the soil by putting plastic over the bed a few weeks before I plant. I try to plant the seeds in a fibre pot which can be put directly into the ground without disturbing the roots. You can plant again in late August but be sure to bring inside a few weeks before first frost date. Fertilize lightly every month or so with an organic fertilizer or fish emulsion. Keep moist.
Parsley is a popular culinary herb, which is recognized for its unique antioxidants and disease preventing properties. This herb is a small plant with dark-green leaves and is milder in flavor than coriander. The herb is widely used in Mediterranean, East European, and American cuisine. It is great in most Italian sauces, soups, egg dishes, as a garnish and I also add it to chili, stews, and stir fries.