Make sure your seeds or plants are GMO free and you can grow all herbs easily without pesticides.

Dill is a very popular herb in the kitchen. You can flavor everything from pickles to fish. Make sure you use the very freshest dill possible – grow it in your own garden.

Planting Dill Weed -
You can grow dill directly from seeds rather than a transplant. Planting dill seed is easy. Plant the seeds in fibre pots inside in mid April or scatter the seeds in a desigated location after the last frost, then lightly cover the seeds with soil. Water the area thoroughly.

Care of Dill Weed -
Growing and caring for dill plants is also fairly easy. Dill weed plants like full sun, so find a nice spot in your garden that gets sun for most of the day.. Other than this, dill will grow happily in both poor and rich soil and in damp or dry conditions.

Days to germination: 7 - 10 days
Days to harvest: Leaves in 30 days, seeds in 60 days.

Harvesting Dill –
You can snip off dill leaves after the first few weeks of growth, as soon as the dill is large enough to use. I always rinse and then dry well before using. Snip off the flowers as soon as they appear to keep the leaves coming.

The seeds don’t come out until the plants have flowered. Once the flowers have dried out and gone to seed quickly gather the seeds and put them safely into a container. They will fall off and blow away almost overnight. Once they have gone to seed they won’t produce any more leaves.

Fresh dill weed can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. Put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper. Both the seeds and the leaves can be dried and stored for many months in a paper bag or jar.

Some caterpillars are partial to dill, and the best solution is to pick them off as you see them. Try some organic solutions for these, or try eggshells or baking soda in the soil around the plants.

Not very many diseases are a problem for dill. If you start to see a problem take off the affected leaves and keep a close eye on the plant. Usually this will deter any more spreading of the problem.

I use Dill for lots of homemade recipes.
Don't buy chip dip again. Make your own with sour cream and natural ingredients. You can mix it up in a medium size bowl or right in the container. Sour cream, 2 tbsp. dill weed, and sea salt, add a bit at a time to taste. Add a squeeze of lemon. Delicious dip for veggies or chips.

Dill goes great with fish - I mix 2 1/2 tbsps. of fresh naturally grown dill with 1 1/2 tbps. of butter and fresh chopped green onions. I let it saute in a non-stick pan. Once it is hot I add 4 pieces of Tilapia and it is a fantastic main course. Serve with rice or salad.

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