Cut Flowers

Perennials for Cut Flowers

Wouldn’t you love having fresh flowers in your home every day. Even with a smaller perennial garden you can have the enjoyment of fresh flowers from spring to fall.
When you grow your own flowers you can choose the right flowers to ensure continuous blooms year after year, and choose color combinations that will enhance your decor and your style. It will ensure that you enjoy many years of joy and beauty from your selection.
Be sure to include many plants that grow from bulbs, for example Daffodils and Tulips and Hyacinth, to ensure beautiful cut flowers through April and May. While the bulbous plants are dying off the foliage of your perennials is emerging.

Some recommended Plants –

Hyacinths - are favored for their intense colors and strong fragrance, and are a staple of the spring garden. Flower colors include magenta and indigo as well as pale pinks, blues, whites and yellows.

Daffodils- daffodils are always a sign that spring has arrived! You should plant the bulbs in the fall and they will bloom in early spring. Daffodils are attractive flowers, usually yellow or white with six petals and a trumpet-shape central flower.

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, which will also flower at different times, so check your package to see when you want them to bloom. They are a wonderful addition to any garden.

Phlox – has a rich vibrant color of white, red, pink and orange. Very long bloom time from midsummer to fall.

Bee Balm - Bee Balm attracts Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. The summer flowers of this spreading herb are usually red, but you can also find cultivars with pink, purple or white blooms.

Iris dwarf -Dwarf Iris flower in spring, then the bearded Iris in May and June. Then the Siberian and Japanese in summer. All have sword like foliage and great as cut flowers.

Lilies-Lilies are beautiful flowers that work well in arrangements. They can be grown from bulbs planted in Spring and/or Fall.

Peony - Many varieties of peonies are available, both double and single, in pink, white or red. Blooms through May and the foliage can provide greenery for later floral arrangements. It is noted that you should not use the blooms from the peony for at least 3 years.

Babies Breath-Very nice addition to floral arrangements. Tiny white blooms of babies breath are a must in most arrangements.

Astilbe- This hybrid that blooms from late May through June has feathery plumes of red, pink or white and very attractive foliage.

Blanket flower-These are wonder border flowers that bloom all summer and are great for flower arrangements. Yellow, mahogany and red daisy like flowers.

Leopard’s Bane -This bright yellow daisy combines with yellow or tulips in the spring.

Tarrow- Comes in yellow, pink, white, red and orange. The flowers last a long time and the foliage is fine and feathery. The cultival Moonshine has lemon yellow flowers and silver leaves.

Chrysanthamum- A large selection of different plants that provide many great cut flowers including Shasta Daisy and the painted Daisy. Hardy mums bloom from August to October and come in many many colours.

Feverfew- Feverfew may look delicate, but it's a sturdy, easy-to-grow herb that blooms from early summer to early fall. The white petals with the yellow centers look like tiny daisies. Pinch off the spent flowers to extend the bloom season, and to reduce the number of self-sown seedlings.

Lady's Mantle- One of the favourites of flower arrangers. Unusual chartreuse flowers and also has very attractive foliage. They will also last a long time in water.

Columbine- Beautiful plants bloom in June and come in many colours and colour combinations with a unique spurred flowers. An excellent cut flower.

Lavender- is as pretty to look at as it is to smell, and it keeps its fragrance when dried. In mid June, English lavender produces spikes of purple-blue flowers over clumps of silvery leaves. Lavender is a good choice for the front of the border—it must have good drainage to stay healthy.

Marsh mallow- is a beautiful herb that produces attractive pink or white flowers for most of the summer. The broad, heart-shaped, gray-green leaves are velvety soft.

Purple coneflower- produces clumps of sturdy stems topped with large, pink, daisylike flowers that have raised, orangey-brown centers. The plants bloom from midsummer to fall, especially if you snip off the deadhead them. They grow 3 to 4 feet tall.